What are Essential Fatty Acids?

There are two dozen fatty acids that a human body needs. However, only two are essential fatty acids and cannot be made by the body. These two fatty acids are called essential fatty acids and must be consumed to provide the body with them.

1. Omega 6 essential fatty acids or linoleic acid (LA)
2. Omega 3 essential fatty acids or linolenic acid (LNA)

Omega 6 essential fatty acids are found in abundance in cooking oils while omega 3 essential fatty acids are harder to find. To remain healthy, your body needs all types of essential fatty acids and other types of fatty acids for the function of the immune system, the brain, and to keep cell membranes strong. Strong cell membranes lead to strong defense system of the body. With strong defense system, free radicals and toxins cannot get through. They cause illnesses and speed up the aging process.
How essential fatty acids effect metabolism

Essential fatty acids nourish the skin, hair, mucous, membranes, nerves and glands. Essential fatty acids help prevent cardiovascular disease. Essential fatty acids are also important in being the source of energy from which the body can produce fats.

Essential fatty acids' hormone like compounds called prostaglandins regulate many body functions as well as govern the blood pressure, muscles in the blood vessels and stickiness of blood platelets.
Essential fatty acids and weight loss

Essential fatty acids carry high energy for active tissues to use and grow. When taking essential fatty acids at a rate above 12-15% of total calories, essential fatty acids increase the metabolic rate. This helps the body burns more fat leading to loss of excess weight. So, although essential fatty acids are the main source of fats for the body, essential fatty acids actually help you lose weight and promote weight loss effects.



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