What are Anthocyanins?

Anthocyanins have long been known as antioxidants. Goji berry and Goji berry juice contains a large quantity of Anthocyanins which are responsible for many health benefits of Goji berries. Below are some frequently asked questions about Anthocyanins and their health benefits.

What are Anthocyanins?

Anthocyanins are the antioxidant pigments found in berries and other fruits. Anthocyanins are sometimes referred to as Anthocyanin pigments.

What is the connection between Anthocyanins and red wine?

Some red wines are made from grapes with high levels of Anthocyanins. You may have heard that drinking red wine helps prevent heart disease. This is because of the high level of Anthocyanins in red wine that help fight the free radicals caused by high fat diet and smoking, among other causes.

Anthocyanins and red wine

In France, people eat high fat food but yet French people have lower rates of heart disease than people in other countries eating similar food. This is because people in France also drink a lot of red wine full of Anthocyanins. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as the French paradox.

Anthocyanins and fruit

Anthocyanin pigments make apples red, berries red, grapes reddish purple, cabbage purple, eggplants purple, and autumn leaves turned color. Anthocyanin pigments make whatever fruits they are found in look like the colors they are (deep blues, purples and reds)

What are some fruits that have Anthocyanins or Anthocyanin pigments?

* acai berries
* goji berries
* elderberries
* white tea
* green tea
* black tea
* black currents
* blueberries
* blackberries
* raspberries
* cherries
* strawberries
* broad beans
* red apples
* apricots
* red - purple cabbage
* buckwheat



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